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Super Tilts

Our 18-tonne tilt tray tow trucks, super tilts, can tilt and slide to allow for the transportation of large shipping containers, heavy machinery and so much more.

Super Tilts are what we call our low loader units that can tilt and slide. These units are our 18 tonne tilt tray tow truck.

These units are commonly used for the towing of 40 foot shipping containers, large 12 metre site sheds, heavy machinery such as large excavators, drotts, drill rigs, trucks and busses, and large caravans. We also tow large boats with these units.

A Super Tilt has a maximum tray length of 14 metres.
The maximum weigth allowed to be carried on an Super Tilt is 18 tonne.
The tray width of a Super Tilts is 2.4 metres wide, but can take loads over 3 metres wide.

Within our Super Tilt fleet, we have many different purpose built units for a range of specialty services.

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