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Extra Heavy Lifts

Extra heavy lifts (10-tonne tilt tray tow trucks) are a heavier, more powerful version of our heavy lifts. They can accommodate loads of up to 10.3 tonnes.

Extra Heavy Lift's are what we call our 10 tonne tilt tray tow truck.

These units are commonly used for the towing of heavy machinery, loaded shipping containers, 9.6m portable buildings and site sheds, medium size trucks, and combination equipment and machinery such as a bobcat and excavator on the same load. Other uses include loads of multiple elevating work platforms (EWP'S).

Extra Heavy Lifts are commonly known as "Bogies".

In addition to our standard Bogie tilt tray, we also operate multiple twin steer bogie drive units.

An Extra Heavy Lift has a tray length of 9.6 metres.
The maximum weigth allowed to be carried on a Extra Heavy Lift is 10.3 tonne.
The tray width of an Extra Heavy Lift is 2.4 metres wide, but can take loads over 3 metres wide.

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