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With a fleet of brand new tow trucks, underlifts, floats and more that can manage any vehicle and any situation, who better to call when you need a tow or a vehicle moved than Ready Towing? We service all areas north and south of the Brisbane CBD, so whether you’re looking for a tow truck in Scarborough or a cheap towing solution in Logan, we’re the towing specialists you’ve been looking for.

Our fleet

We’re continuously investing in our fleet to make it bigger, better and more capable of managing any situation involving any vehicle at any time — day or night. Here’s a quick look at the Ready Towing vehicle fleet.




Ordinaries are what we call our four-tonne tilt tray tow trucks. These powerful vehicles are the perfect solution for most towing issues and can manage cars, motorbikes, light machinery and small construction equipment.

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Wheel Lift Towing Trucks

As these vehicles can access spaces which are just too tight for our ordinaries, our wheel lift towing trucks are a great choice for towing cars from car parks, residential complexes and shopping centres.

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Capable of transporting up to 50 tonnes, floats are used to transport extremely heavy earth moving plant and equipment machinery.

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Heavy Lifts

Heavy lifts (6-tonne tilt tray tow trucks) are capable of transporting shipping containers, site sheds, medium and light machinery, caravans, small trucks and buses.

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Extra Heavy Lifts

Extra heavy lifts (10-tonne tilt tray tow trucks) are a heavier, more powerful version of our heavy lifts. They can accommodate loads of up to 10.3 tonnes.

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The Big Daddy of tow trucks, underlifts are used to tow and transport heavy vehicles, including buses, trucks and large machinery.

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Low Tilt Tray Towing

With the ability to load from ground level, our low tilt trays are the ideal transportation solution for lowered cars, caravans, site cabins, forklifts, small boats and more.

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Super Tilts

Our 18-tonne tilt tray tow trucks, super tilts, can tilt and slide to allow for the transportation of large shipping containers, heavy machinery and so much more.

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4WD Recovery

Ready Towing 4WD recovery vehicles are our powerful tractors which are perfect for moving vehicles bogged in paddocks and forests, as well as 4WDs stuck on the beach.

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Pilot & Utility Vehicles

When towing over dimensional loads and vehicles it’s often necessary to have pilot and utility vehicles lead the way to enhance road safety by alerting oncoming traffic.

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